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Our DocScape software helps you to publish documents 100% automatically, while guaranteeing an accurate translation of your corporate design guidelines. DocScape performs the job of a media designer without requiring manual intervention in the publishing process. The contents to be published (texts, images, technical data etc.) are incorporated into the publication as data.

DocScape_PackshotDocScape’s rule-based approach supports an automated layout design. Design rules (corporate design guidelines as outlined it the corporate design handbook) are recorded as computer-readable layout regulations, making DocScape an intelligent design machine which performs design tasks, such as layout optimization, space optimization, utilization planning, highlighting, break optimization, table and diagram generation, and symmetry optimization, which are essential to the publication of top-quality print media (or PDF documents for the WWW or e-mail), highly efficiently and with absolute accuracy as part of the automatic publishing process.

DocScape was awarded the Innovation Prize 2007 and 2008 ITK by the Initiative for Medium-Sized Businesses, which is presented to companies who have developed products, services and solutions with great benefit for medium-sized companies.

DocScape’s rule-based approach has clear advantages over the traditional template-based approach, which we will illustrate as part of a case study. And DocScape is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of typography and design! Your concrete benefits:

  • Lower costs: Save 30-80% on document generation costs, compared to manual or semi-automatic layouts designed e.g. with Adobe InDesign (or InDesign Server) or Quark (with or without plug-ins).
  • Time saving: Generate documents at the push of a button.
  • Enhanced quality: Avoid the frequent recording mistakes of the traditional approach.
  • 100% accurate corporate design: DocScape automatically complies with your CI guidelines.
  • New opportunities in terms of quality: Optimize your personalized sales approach.


Is there anything else you would like to know about DocScape? Our product pages feature further information. And of course we will be delighted to answer your questions personally.

DocScape - print automation at it's best 

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